Stein Group International – Cork – Ireland

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    Stein Group International is a privately held Real Estate company that specializes in the development of mixed-use projects and in the development, renovation and operation of hotels and resorts.

    The company draws upon more than 40 years of experience participating in over $2 billion worth of projects in 10 countries in Europe, Africa and 8 states in North America.

    The group’s entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic approach to problem solving provides the flexibility needed to adjust to local markets, social customs and political realities. This has allowed the company to successfully operate internationally in an industry that is local in nature.

    Whether for partners, clients or ourselves, we have the capacity to orchestrate projects from concept through completion and also provide ongoing operations as required. We can do so on a comprehensive basis or make a contribution to any segment of this process as circumstances require.

    Stein Group International’s financial and business interests are always aligned with those of our partners or clients.

    Our mission is to utilize our experience and expertise in the development and/or operation of hotel and resort assets and mixed-use projects in order to create significant added value for stakeholders.



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