People with 4 Brains

I was born in Spain with a “regular brain” that serves me well in navigating life. However, during my recent trip to Africa, I encountered individuals with what I’ve come to call “4 brains.” This concept reminded me of people I had previously met from Cuba, Venezuela, and even China.

During this trip, I was able to distill this discovery into the following four categories:

People with 4 Brains 1

Regular Brain: This is the brain that helps you thrive in stable economies.

Financial Brain: It becomes essential in your daily life when you’re dealing with persistent double-digit inflation and interest rates, unstable currency availability, and a complex banking system.

Political Brain: This brain is crucial for making plans that consider the ever-shifting political landscape, upcoming elections, recent outcomes, and a deep understanding of the key players in politics and their influence on the real economy.

Adaptable Brain: This brain is necessary to progress in environments where there’s a significant disparity between established rules and how people actually get things done.

It’s quite possible that our grandparents, who lived through the Spanish Civil War and the challenging post-war period, also developed these four brains as a means of survival. However, these brains seem to have been lost over time in today’s mature economy.
I encourage you to interact with individuals from emerging countries and challenging economies, listen to their experiences and learn about the unique ways they must think to progress. In both nature and the economy, cycles exist, and it’s only a matter of time before more than one brain is needed to sail the next cycle.

Thanks for your time, feel free to comment.

People with 4 Brains 2

Mr. Jordi Reverté

Overexport Founder

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