The Brain Challenge 2019 – Lets think our future

For the third year we launched The Brain Challenge in southern Uganda, targeting three schools in the Mbarara area.

Started in 2017, The Brain Challenge is a children’s contest that aims to involve children in the development of their communities. Normally children are the target of international aid, but their opinions and criteria are not taken into account to improve the quality of life and the development of their own families, communities and environments.

That’s what The Brain Challenge wants. That the children, through a school and intellectual challenge, contribute ideas to improve their own future and that of their environment.

Children write essays, build models, or do group research to answer the questions we ask them. That effort must be rewarded. And for that reason the winning proposals are rewarded by a small amount of money that goes to the winners (and through them, their families and communities).

We firmly believe that development must start from within, and above all, from the concept of “development from us”. Policies must be established that take advantage of the collaborative cultures of the African peoples, and that move a little away from simply charitable and punitive aid.

Involve schools and teachers and their management as active agents in the development process.

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In collaboration with the teachers and school management, we always prepare a given Theme which is given to pupils. We always grade pupils into two categories ( the old pupils and the little children all participate and are guided accordingly with the help of their teachers while thinking on what they believe is much needed in their communities.
From the last Brain challenge editions, we have registered key success stories from the previous winners where by in 2017, the very first winner of this challenge used the gift money to buy a pig which later produced 9 piglets and together with the help of his parents the project has been well managed and at least they are assured of raising school fees to support the education of their son. Other winners have used to gift money to buy for themselves text and exercise books which has enhanced their education and learning experience.

Our target is to reach the maximum of possible schools in Uganda. Of the 3 schools we are working with so far each school has an average population of 300 to 450 pupils. Uganda has a population of 41M people and according to the last population census 60% of this population are basically young people who are below the age of 30 years. We strongly believe that for sustainable development to be achieved, the children and younger generation must be empowered and involved in the development process of their communities because they have to think about their future, because the future is theirs.

We want to reach the maximum of possible schools.

Because they have to think about their future, because the future is theirs.

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The Brain Challenge is an interesting initiative of Mr. Juan Esteban Reina (Barcelona), Mr. Rogers Nasasira and Mr. Makoma (Uganda) aimed at offering boys and girls in some schools in southern Uganda the possibility of thinking that the development of their communities depends largely on measure of them.

And for that, they must be the ones who contribute ideas and proposals that contribute to improving the future of all its members.



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